08 November 2010

Ritaj Hyderabadi Restaurant

Location: One set of buildings Corniche side of Electra Street between Airport Road and Muroor Street, closer to Airport Road.
Telephone: 02-6310036 / 02-6333097 / 02-6734227

As anyone who has visited or lived in Abu Dhabi can tell you, there is a very large South Asian population here. Everywhere you go, there appears to be at least 10 different Indian / Pakistani restaurants from every region of the sub-continent, with food that both looks absolutely amazing and appears to be very inexpensive. Just off Electra St. there is one such array of restaurants, and one day when a biryani craving hit us we decided to go there, settling ona Ritaj Hyderabadi because we could see a giant pot of biryani cooking on the store. So how was it? Honestly, fairly disappointing. The chicken was not as moist or flavorful as Arab Udupi, and the rice seemed a little hard. We also got a chicken curry, which was nowhere as good as Mughal Restaurant. Was the food cheap? Absolutely. Were the portions huge? Definitely. But you definitely could do better (and we have done better) on taste, so we probably won't be going back. Oh well.


  1. Hi JG - Was so excited when I saw your post and initially thought, 'wow, has someone finally found a good Hyderabadi restaurant in town?!'...guess that quest is still on :( Just got back from Hyderabad, and have yet to find anything in Dubai (haven't tried places in Abu Dhabi) that stands up to authentic Hyderabadi flavors!

    Thanks for sharing this, I'll have to try Arab Udupi and Mughal on my next trip to Abu Dhabi!

  2. Personally I love the biryani there and visit it often..probably ur not a spicy food lover n thats why u dint savour it or may be just that particular day it went bad..
    keep the blogs going..im new to this place too so ur blogs r helping me find new eateries..

  3. Friends give your search an END - i found one good hyderabadi Restaurant and very famous in Hyderabad also......... Guess?????????? its near Charminar but now in Dubai in Al Nahda 2,Behind NMC.... Friends still you dint get the name??? here is the name its SHAHRAN RESTAURANT.......... - I tired biryani wallahi very tasty call them at 04-2838866 or you can also email them at inf0@shahran.ae

  4. Myself and my hubby Love Ritaz biryani a lot...Infact i have been searching for a long time for its recipe..please if any one who r d member of ritaz can post to ME..

  5. The Mutton Biryani is the one to try at Ritaj...its the closest to what you would get in Hyderabad actually.

    In Hyderabad there is absolutely no concept of Chicken Biryani ...ita all about teh mutton.

    The only issue with Ritaj is the day to day consistency and the excess of chili...a bit too hot at times.

    If you all want to try real home made Hyderabadi Biryani with Tamatay Ka Kut you can call me on 050 612 3015....the wife is a fingerlickingly good cook !!!

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  7. oooh guys before u try this restaurant have a look at the kitchen and their staff. staff fully soaked in sweat and it add extra salt to food,i hate it . poor quality food and meat is not cleaned well.

    1. if you can't say good anyone so please avoid to say bad.

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  13. Hmmmmm... Here I can feel hyderabad biryani with mid night at mehidipatnam biryani.... thanks a lot to remind me my hyd....

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    best biryani so far

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