06 November 2010

Al Sayad Marine Restaurants and Grills

Location: Go to the Mina Fish Market, go past the gate, make the immediate left, make a right at the end of the pier, and it will be about 5 doors down (blue doors, no sign, next to a refreshments place.) This is NOT the place with the same name inside the fish market itself.
Telephone: 02-6733711 / 02-6733838

When my wife and I first visited Abu Dhabi last January, one of the first places we went to visit was the Mina Fish Market because a) we love seafood, b) fresh and affordable seafood is hard to get in NYC, and c) we really love seafood. We had heard that there was good and cheap seafood at the Mina Fish Market, so away we went. We someone managed to not find the restaurant stalls in the fish market itself (which we actually haven't eaten yet), but by driving up and down the pier managed to find a delightful little seafood "shack" which we have visited several times sense (most recently with the in-laws, who also know their seafood).

The decor? Tables, plastic tablecloth (sometimes), and a TV blaring Syrian TV or Fox Series. Exactly what one wants. The service? Friendly. Cleanliness? We've been there many times and haven't gotten sick yet. The menu? Whatever fish and shellfish they still have, though if you really want something different they will run to Al Mina and get it. You tell them the weight you want, and it is yours. They also have an amazing platter of mixed rice (six different preparations) as well as the usual pita bread and salad (if you want). The preparation? You can get your food fried or grilled, and we always go with the charcoal grilling with hot sauce. Smoky and spicy, but doesn't overwhelm the fish/seafood nor dry it. Plus, the smell wafts into the dining room as it cooks which is great. If you like prawns and they have them, order them. They are served heads on, which I love, and they are sweet, juicy tiger prawns the likes of which are almost impossible to find in the states. The prices? Eminently reasonable. It varies day-by-day and per item (of course), but the two of us have gotten very full on prawns and rice for only 60-70 AED. Definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Abu Dhabi. It's far from fancy, but the food is oh so good and reasonably priced too. Well worth the trip out there.


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