18 September 2010

Al Ababeel Refreshments

Location: Next to the NMC Ambulatory Center
Telephone: 02-6343578

What can I say, I'm American. I like fast food. I especially like trying "regional" fast food - not McDonald's, or Burger King - but local variations thereof. Hence, I am intrigued but all the different refreshment / fast food restaurants establishments here. One day, when we wanted a quick lunch, went to the closest one to where we live. The menu is much longer than the typical fast food place in the US - with various combinations of seafood, chicken (grilled and fried), and meat sandwiches / wraps, etc. We tried the khaleej burger (which came with fries for only 8 AED) and shrimps nashif plate (20 AED). The shrimps nashif plate consisted of essentially popcorn-sized shrimp (not breaded) in a spicy red sauce. Not a huge plate, but tasty and filling. The khaleej burger was a good-sized juicy piece of boneless chicken cutlet topped with a piece of lettuce, mayo, a few french fries and ketchup. Smaller than a McChicken to be sure, but filling. Again, it was tasty - not the most amazing sandwich I've ever had, but a good, solid lunch.

The most impressive section of the menu actually is the juices. The have juices for everything - watermelon, pomegranite, avocado, mango, etc. We got a small avocado juice (5 AED) and pomegranite (5 AED) juice. The pomegranite juice was actually disappointing to me - it was freshly squeezed, but too watered down for my taste. I enjoyed the avocado better, which was a nice thick shake.

All in all, is Al Ababeel an amazing place to eat? No. But want a quick, fairly tasty and filling lunch? You could do much, much worse.


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  2. lol, will go there for a snack :p